For most cultures throughout history, a big part of a holiday or festival celebration was the preparation and consumption of special foods that were usually not eaten on any other day of the year. Today, people have many traditional holiday foods that have been around for centuries, and perhaps the most well-known of these are holiday fruitcakes.

Negative Connotations that Come with Holiday Fruitcakes

Most people love to hate fruitcakes. They are a traditional food that has been a beloved staple of holiday celebrations for over hundreds of years. The reason many people dislike fruitcake is usually because they have never had a good one that is filled with wholesome ingredients. Commercial fruitcakes are often overly sweet, or bitter & chewy from the addition of orange peel and citron.

What Makes for a GOOD Fruitcake?

If you want a fruitcake that tastes delicious and is reminiscent of Christmas feasting long ago, then you need to get it from a bakery that understands this dessert and how to prepare it properly.

A fruitcake should be made with only rich wholesome ingredients starting with only the finest fruits and nuts. Some fruitcakes add alcohol, which a really good cake baker knows how to add a combination of bourbon, rum, and brandy to the batter, so as it bakes only the essence of those alcohols remain to add just the right taste factor. Then the cakes are allowed to mellow to fruitcake perfection. Which you will find with the Grandma’s Fruitcake made by Beatrice Bakery Co.