A Little Bit About Fruitcake

Posted - December 10, 2018
The infamous fruitcake has been enjoyed by many for centuries. Making one of these rich cakes is a very involved process. They can be made far in advance of the time of eating and stored in a cool dry place that preserves its flavor and great taste. At Beatrice Bakery Company we provide many kinds of delicious fruitcakes.

Making Fruitcake

Making one of these fruitcakes that includes nuts can take a few days. The first step involves preparing the fruits and nuts. They can be soaked for a few days in fruit juice. Next, the cake recipe will be followed that produces the delicious cake. Various fruits are nuts can be substituted according to individual tastes and preferences. In making these cakes, it is important for the prescribed weight of the fruits and nuts to be maintained.

The batter is made after the fruits and nuts are prepared. They are then mixed in the batter and baked. These cakes are generally baked a low temperature for an extended time period until fully baked. A cake tester should be used to check if the cake is fully done.

The Effort is Worth It

Of course, even though the effort put in to make these cakes is worth it, it can be very time-consuming. Now you can enjoy a professionally made fruitcake from an experienced bakery like Beatrice Bakery Company. You will be surprised how delicious the fruit in the cake is after you try it for the first time!

Fruitcakes are often made well in advance of the holidays. When it is soaked in some type of fruit juice, that juice is soaked into the cake and absorbs, giving it its rich flavor when it is finally served and eaten.

Enjoy your Christmas fruitcake this year from the hands of professionals who care at Beatrice Bakery Company. Shop our selection today!

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