The Irish have observed March 17th as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years.  The largest celebration to honor their patron Saint Patrick, is held in Dublin and extends over a period of several days.  Did you know that there are currently seven times more Americans with an Irish background than the population of Ireland itself!  In the United States 39% of the entire population don their green attire when observing St. Patrick’s Day and over 100,000 people watch as the Chicago River is turned green on this very special day. 

This holiday has traditionally been a feasting day, partaking in food choices of Ireland – Corned beef, cabbage, and Irish brandy, among the favorite choices.  Finding food themed to celebrate  the holiday is a necessity, and Beatrice Bakery Company has the perfect dessert –their Irish Crème Dessert Cake .  It is a delicious moist cake with a wee bit of brandy infused.  We suggest serving with whipped topping! The (14 oz) cake will serve 8-10 people. Beatrice Bakery Company cakes are handmade by only the most experienced professionals to make the best in baked goods. 

Act fast so you receive this cake in time this St. Patrick’s Day.  Contact Beatrice Bakery at (800) 228-4030 or order online at
Where ever you go, what ever you do, may the “Luck of the Irish” be there with you!