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If you are like most people, then you probably have certain Christmas traditions that have been handed down from the generations. At Christmas, some of the most favored traditions revolve around the preparation and consumption of certain foods. For centuries, people have prepared a dessert that is still well-known today-the fruitcake. Christmas fruitcakes, if they are made by experienced and knowledgeable bakers, are some of the most appetizing and delicious desserts in the world.

Where the Christmas Fruitcake Began

When the Romans invaded Britain and introduced the British to their culture, they also presented them with the idea of a fruitcakes-dried fruit-and-nut-filled barley loaves soaked with sweet wine. Drying fruits was the best-known method of preserving them for the winter season during medieval times and adding them to cakes became popular. During lavish feasts, such as important holidays like Christmas, the fruit-filled, wine-soaked barley loaves were prepared. After people learned how to candy fruits, fruitcakes became even more colorful, decadent, and sweet. Baking fruitcakes soon become a favorite holiday tradition in the Victorian era and quickly spread around the globe.

Christmas Fruitcakes Today

Now, if you want a tasty fruitcake look to a gourmet fruitcake company from whom you can order online, like Beatrice Bakery, or found in stores under the GRANDMA’S BAKE SHOP brand. This year Grandma’s celebrates 100 years of being a holiday favorite!

Nowadays, fruitcakes are one of the most versatile desserts. And Beatrice Bakery Company has so many different combinations of fruitcakes – from chocolate to kosher-friendly fruitcakes, and fruitcakes without sugar. So, when considering which traditional food you should bring to the table this holiday season, or for any occasion, look to fruitcakes hand-made by Beatrice Bakery Co.

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