Christmas Fruit Cakes for Your Enjoyment

Posted - December 3, 2018
There are many varied reasons why people choose fruit cakes during the Christmas season. Some people choose to cook the dark fruit cake only during the holidays, and Christmas fruit cakes can also be made either at home or purchased from a professional bakery. At Beatrice Bakery Company we provide the most delicious Christmas fruit cakes available this holiday season!

A Delicious Fruit Cake at Christmas

As one of the most enjoyable and fun filled seasons of the year, you simply don’t want to miss out on a delicious fruit cake during the holidays. However, the recipes for these fruit cakes are sometimes difficult and require plenty of work. Does your family have baking secrets that are passed down from generation to generation? These cakes of been around for hundreds of years and there are different varieties enjoyed among different families.

Christmas fruit cakes are made in a variety of different ways with different ingredients depending on preference. However, you can ensure that you and your family get to enjoy one of the most delicious fruit cakes you have every Christmas by choosing fruit cakes we offer at Beatrice Bakery Company.

Types of Fruit Cakes You Can Find

There are two different types of fruit cakes commonly enjoyed during the holidays. They are:

Light fruit cake – lighter in appearance as a result of the ingredients used to make the cake. As is obvious, it has a lighter, golden color after it is cooked. Ingredients include almonds, granulated sugar, pineapple, corn syrup, golden raisins, and more.

Dark fruit cake – this cake is darker in appearance due to its ingredients, which include dark raisins, light brown sugar, prunes, walnuts, molasses, etc. The cake appears very dense, heavy and moist.

Each person has their own preference between the lighter version and the more lavish darker version.

In general, Christmas fruit cakes can be stored in the fridge for quite some time after Christmas and enjoyed on occasion.

Enjoy a special Christmas fruit cake this year from the hands of professional who cares at Beatrice Bakery Company. Shop our selection today!

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