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There are few things that are more popular than cakes, or cocktails. What if you could combine the two? With liqueur cakes, you can do just this. When liqueur cakes are made, a type of liqueur is mixed into the batter before the cake is baked. After the cake is baked, the alcohol has been cooked off, but the distinctive flavor of whatever type of liqueur used remains. Since the alcohol has been cooked off, this is an excellent dessert to share with the family or for anyone who cannot drink alcohol.

Liqueur Cakes Offer Many Exciting Possibilities

Liqueur cakes come in a wide range of interesting and unique flavors. Since there are so many types of liqueur, there are a lot of possibilities for creating delectable and diverse liqueur cakes. Some liqueur cakes have the featured liqueur as the main flavor, such as Irish crème and amaretto. Other cakes, however, combine the flavor of the liqueur with other ingredients for a complex, rich result. Some of these cakes include lemon drop cake, chocolate rum and strawberry daiquiri.

How to Serve Liqueur Cakes

Liqueur cakes taste great on their own. A slice or two of this cake makes an easy and satisfying afternoon snack or light dessert. Liqueur cakes are great treat to bring to an event such as a holiday party. However, liqueur cakes can also be served in a wide variety of delicious ways. Depending on what type of cake you get, there are several unique ways you can create a next-level dessert. Try topping the slices with whipped cream and fresh berries, or warm the cake up and top it with ice cream. Cut the slices into cubes and use them to make a trifle for a chocolate fondue party.

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