The Winner of 2014 Championship – Kyle “The Hammer” Hanner from St. Louis, MO, retains his title again this year eating a 1 lb Grandma’s Fruit & Nut Cake in 2 minutes 33 seconds. Watch the competition

Congratulations Kyle!  And thanks to all the participants and Kevin at Santa’s Candy Castle for making this an event not to miss!

4th Annual
Fruitcake Eating Competition
held in Santa Claus, IN

Yes, we are sponsoring this competition again!  Blogging and twitter messages by last year’s participant Mick Foley (WWE – Hall of Famer / Legend)  created lots of buzz again this year. Coordinator Kevin Klosowski of Santa’s Candy Castle received lots of inquiries asking how to compete.  Participants have come from Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee and Ohio in the past.  To secure a place in the competition, contestants first had to pass a qualifying event at the Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, IN, held on Nov. 22. (side note: participants told Kevin they would only take part if it was Grandma’s Fruit & Nut Cake being served again)

Eight very excited contestants are lined up including Mick Foley and last year’s winner from St. Louis, MO – Kyle “The Hammer” Hanner (he wore a shirt with hammer logo and was quite a trip to watch).

Our judges this year include a former NFL football player and a reporter fro WFIE 14 News (Evansville’s NBC TV affiliate).
Fruitcake Eating Championship is this weekend

Saturday December 6th

11:00am CST
at Santa Claus American Legion

FREE Event – Sponsored by Santa’s Candy Castle & Beatrice Bakery Co

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