Julia updated her poem this year so I just had to share

You remember last Christmas a package from me

A gift from my hometown Beatrice, NE
When you open this package I know that you will say
It is that good Grandma’s fruitcake, now you’ve made my day
Actually you’ve made my whole Holiday season
So big thanks to Grandma, for she is the reason!
A good friend of Beatrice Bakery, who turned 92 years old on her last visit to see us, told that she writes this poem and sends with every fruitcake gift she gives!! 

When you open this package I hope you don’t say,
“Oh no! It’s a Fruitcake!  I’ll give it away!”

Won’t you give it a try, won’t you please, please I ask ya!
It’s special, it’s made in my home state Nebraska!
And more than that, made in my home town Beatrice.
(Three syllables please and rhyme it with mattress.)
And one more thing I really must say. 
I hope that you have a real nice Holiday.

Julia (aka – Adelaide) of Exton, PA 

Thanks Julia for sharing and THANK YOU for your service in the Marine Corp.