Happy Holidays begin with a holiday favorite – Grandma’s Fruit & Nut Cake!

Our holiday traditional fruitcake is made with cherries, succulent pineapple, plump raisins, crunchy pecans, almonds and English walnuts baked in a batter that is enriched with just the right amount of bourbon, rum & brandy! This is one fruitcake that is made to be eaten!

From Black Friday thru Cyber Monday visitors to www.beatricebakery.com will enjoy the 25% Savings on our 3 lb Grandma’s Fruit & Nut Cake ring.  Each cake is gifted in a festive holiday collectible tin “Heading Home” from the artist Terry Redlin.

Make sure your holiday dinner ends with our holiday favorite! SHOP NOW!

2 Responses

  1. I love your fruit cakes!! Just placed another order.

    I also had a 1 pound cake in my fridge from Christmas 2013. We ate it last night and it was delicious – tasted just like usual. Amazing!

  2. Glad you enjoy – Our fruit cakes are made to be eaten! Amy if you love our Grandma's Fruit & Nut Cake I recommend you try our Chocolate Covered Squares! (Hint: watch for Thursday's 1 day special) Thank you for sharing, we truly take joy in hearing from our customers!

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