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United States

Fedex  Fedex 2nd Day Air Fedex Overnight
1—7lbs @ $8.95 1—7lbs @ $18.00 1—7lbs @ $35.00
8-14lbs @ $10.95 8-14lbs @ $30.00 8-14lbs @ $52.00
15-20lbs @ $12.95 15-23lbs @ $39.00 15-23lbs @ $63.00
20lbs & Over Free Shipping 24-30lbs@ $45.00 24-30lbs @ $70.00

Alaska and Hawaii

Anchorage, Alaska Honolulu, Hawaii
1-7lb – SmartPost @ $34.80 1-7lb – SmartPost @ $37.84
8-14lb – SmartPost @ $56.09 8-14lb – SmartPost @ $56.09
15-20lb –SmartPost @ $81.39 15-20lb –SmartPost @ $81.39

Orders over 20lbs for Alaska and Hawaii will need to call Beatrice Bakery at (800) 228-4030 to complete your order.

Puerto Rico & Canada


Packages to Puerto Rico and Canada will need to be processed over the phone to get accurate shipping costs.


Excellent!! Best fruitcake ever - been eating this brand for over 40 years - nothing comes close to.

QVC Customer 1/10/18

Oh My goodness!!!! This is outstanding! I love fruit cake and this is one of the best ever!

QVC Customer 11/14/18

We got the cake last night and of course had to have a slice. Wow-what a treat, moist cake filled with nuts fruits, and the flavor is beyond good. You can taste the rum, bourbon, and brandy just having a party with the rest of the cake. I am so happy with this cake I will definitely order more. If you like fruit cake this one is a winner and if you don’t this may change your mind

QCV Customer 11/15/18

This cake is moist with lots of flavors. I cut a piece and heated it for a few seconds in the microwave and was even more delicious. The best fruitcake I have tasted.

QVC Customer 11/17/18

OMG!!! BEST CAKE EVER!!! Got yesterday and could not wait to looked yummy. Put in the fridge to chill then sliced small piece and WOW...I was in heaven. So moist and delicious and loaded with fruits and nuts in every bite. I would recommend this cake and I will purchase it again.

QVC Customer 11/16/19

"I love fruit cake and bought this just to have it but this is the best I have ever had. All other fruit cakes are dry and not as flavorful as this one. It's worth the money. It has an alcohol taste but not over powering. It's fruity, nutty and moist. Worth everything and sorry I didn't buy the chocolate one too. Best fruitcake I ever ate.

QVC Customer 11/17/19

OMG I'm thrilled with this delicious old-time cake! It's is full of Big chunks of fruit and nuts. And Big luscious cherries soaked in brandy and rum. In fact, the whole cake is authentically flavored with rum and brandy like my mother used to make. I actually bought it for myself because it's my favorite special Xmas memory. I will share a few pieces with my daughter tho. I like fruitcake so much if you want to regift yours pls send it to me! But this is THE BEST!! 

QVC Customer 11/30/19

This fruit cake is without far the BEST fruit we've ever tasted...moist, loaded with soft fruit and soft nuts. No gum bashing. The taste of alcohol is subtle but identifiable. Absolutely the BEST!!! I just ordered the chocolate. It's our new holiday favorite or any other time of the year.

QVC Customer 12/3/19

My husband and I enjoyed this fruit cake. It was difficult for us to eat only one slice at a time! It was truly delicious. I will purchase again.

QVC Customer 8/1/20

Just received my fruitcake. I've been taken back 60 years to watching our Mom making her fruitcakes. Your cake is delicious. The amount of fruit and nuts is amazing and the balance of the three types of liquor is just right, allowing the cake and fruit to shine. Kelly Oceanside, CA


I bought 2 of your fruitcakes at Target. I wish I had bought 10 more. Guys, your fruitcake is to die for! I am totally embarrassed to say I ate a whole one on Christmas eve all by myself. Soooooo delicious! I ordered your catalog and can’t wait to see what other goodies you have to eat. Bravo on an excellent product!!

Joel Norman, OK

A fruitcake always tops my list to Santa each year. What a delightful surprise to receive one of Grandma’s Fruitcakes a few weeks before Christmas. Needless to say, the box was opened immediately upon arrival and a first sample taken. Such a delightful surprise to find the batter enriched with bourbon, rum and brandy and filled with succulent pineapple, glazed cherries, plump raisins, crunchy walnuts and pecans so mouth-watering good. It has been so moist and delicious at each serving since. Thank you.

Lori Joseph, OR

Best 3 lb. fruitcake I’ve ever tasted. Better than my moms & my wife’s. I’m 79 years old and retired “USAF” Vietnam Veteran. I’ve eaten a lot of fruitcake. Yours is the Best! Thanks!

Richard Cleveland, TN

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