The following is a story from one of our dear customers who told us he sends this with every Grandma’s Fruitcake gift he gives!

Fruitcake Legacy

From the time I was a young lad, I have heard the story of the one and only fruitcake for the year…  The fruitcake was intended as a Christmas gift for a dear friend  – but the recipient was not a lover of fruitcakes.  So, it was rewrapped and given as a Christmas gift to one of their friends.  Thus the progression of the Fruitcake Saga begins, from one family to another the fruitcake made its Christmas journey.  It even made it’s way into the work places of many corporate centers, then back to the family home circuit, until it returned to the original gifter not knowing it was his gifted fruitcake.

Are you willing to help me break this childhood false legacy????  If so, don’t pass this fruitcake along, but open it, cut it, add a little butter, cream cheese or just eat it as it comes out of the beautiful Christmas tin.  This Beatrice Bakery Co. Fruitcake is the true Grandma’s Bake Shoppe Original Fruit and Nut Cake.  (Fruits — Nuts — Brandy — Bourbon — Rum)  Nothing but the best of ingredients…!!

Don’t pass it along!  Just eat and enjoy the best fruit cake you’ve ever tasted.  It will beckon you back for more.

Merry Christmas
“God Bless”
Jerry – Omaha, NE