Traditional Fruit Cake – The Way It Should Be Made

Posted - December 12, 2018
Fruit cake goes back many, many years to ancient Rome where it was made with ingredients like pine nuts, raisins, barley, and pomegranate seeds. The tradition continued into the Middle Ages when the actual name “fruit cake” was given to this dessert. It was at this time that fruits that were preserved were included in the cake. These pastries spread rapidly and developed into many variations. Our traditional fruit cake at Beatrice Bakery Company gives you a delicious dessert option for special occasions.

Mass Production in the US.

Mass production of fruit cake started in the U.S. These cakes have certainly been the focus of some humor down through the years. This is in part because some of the recipes created have lacked appeal for the taste buds. However, there are many versions of traditional fruit cake that are very delicious and appealing.

Homemade vs. Mass Produced

Many recipes made at home can turn out great, provided that the person making the cake is following a delicious recipe and knows how to bake the cake properly, but can turn out poorly in the hands of an inexperienced baker. Likewise, most mass-produced fruit cakes have received a poor reputation for having little to no flavor and lacking quality ingredients.

Traditional Fruit Cakes from a Bakery

Despite the checkered past reputation of the fruit cake, there are some bakeries that know how to make delicious traditional fruit cakes. At Beatrice Bakery Company, we offer some of the most mouthwatering fruit cake you will ever taste!

If you are not familiar with enjoying a fruit cake this delicious, you may be pleasantly surprised with how good these cakes can taste when they are made by experienced bakers who take great care in creating a dessert.

Maybe it’s time to try something different. A traditional fruit cake from Beatrice Bakery Company can bring the history of these cakes straight to your taste buds. Take some time to look over our selection of desserts. We have a range of options for you to choose from for your enjoyment anytime of the year. Shop our selection of fruit cakes on our website today!

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