Father’s Day is just around the corner. What do you plan on getting your dad for his special day? Some dad’s like tools, others like sporting goods, some just want a day to themselves, but do you know what all dads have in common? They all love to eat! They will eat anything from burgers and steaks fresh off the grill to delicious sweet treats.

So why not get your dad something you know he will love? Beatrice Bakery has that sweet treat he will enjoy on his special day! Our coffee cake selections include an Apple or Peach Streusel and our breakfast breads include banana nut or very berry. Not sure which kind to get why not order one of each they are on sale right now thru June 9th for 33% OFF! Order yours today by calling 800-228-4030 or order online at www.beatricebakery.com.Happy Father’s Day!